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What Does the Bible Say About…

 Author: Velyn Cooper  Category: Religion  Publisher: Tate Publishing  Published: August 1, 2011  Language: English

Does exploring the Bible seem like a daunting task? Do you often find yourself relying on the words of others instead of looking to the Bible for answers? Do you think end-times prophecy is too confusing for you to comprehend? If so, you are not alone. Velyn Cooper is here to help. In an approachable but intelligent style, Velyn Cooper helps readers explore some of the most confusing topics in the Bible. She provides thoughtful biblical commentary that encourages readers to delve deeper into Scripture as she walks them through Genesis to Revelation. She carefully analyzes scriptures surrounding such topics as the creation of the world, what it means to call Jesus the Son of God, and the future resurrection of saints and establishment of the New Earth. By journeying with her, you will develop more cohesive understanding of the Bible that you will be able to apply to your own personal study. If you have been asking yourself What Does the Bible Say? then come find out!

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