Vessel Of The Light

Princess Shailey, a superior warrior in the Revival’s Army. She is set to become the first woman Emporat of Zinobi and it will not be easy. It will also be revealed that she is destined for even a higher calling. Her choices? Save her homeland or save the planet. The epic saga begins… Zinobi, is… Continue reading Vessel Of The Light

Life on a Rock

Kate lived on Highborne Cay, Exuma, in the Bahamas for five years. Most people think this would be a vacation paradise – to live and work on a small island, away from the stress and confusion of everyday life. This book will tell otherwise. It is the true story of a woman who learned about… Continue reading Life on a Rock

Travelling Tree

A tale of two young lovers from Andros on a voyage of discovery in the world and beyond. Written by Bahamian author Nicole Fair, this book is aimed at the young adult market and is available at all major bookstores in New Providence and in some local shops in Abaco. The front cover was painted… Continue reading Travelling Tree

Who Let The Dog Out?

What if you could just dive into the crystal clear, turquoise ocean or run along the pristine, white sand beaches of the Bahamas and experience firsthand all the amazing adventures that lie in store for you there? What if a brave and fearless heroine with an insatiable appetite for adventure was your guide? This is… Continue reading Who Let The Dog Out?

Do No Harm

“Do No Harm” by Cliff Bacchus M.D., is a story about a doctor whose sense of adventure draws him to The Bahamas where his association with a mysterious and attractive woman exposes him to unexpected and dangerous secrets. Dr. Al Chandler’s medical practice is growing by leaps and bounds, but his reputation as an advocate… Continue reading Do No Harm